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Why Perro Surfero?


We have the most beautiful space in Todos Santos, built to host fitness, yoga, and adventure retreats for people from all around the world. We have curated a space designed for groups to bond, relax, and truly feel at home.

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its simple

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It starts in the kitchen

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Our open air set-up is one of the most welcoming and unique aspects of our hotel. Every night you will find guests hanging out, cooking together, or planning adventures for the next day, which makes organizing your party that much easier.

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We also boast an our outdoor free-weight gym, equipped with shower, and bathrooms

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As for relaxing and centering, whether your group wants to take one of our yoga classes with a certified instructor or spend some time doing their own flows, our terrace is always open and we have plenty of yoga mats to go around.

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Lastly, apart from the personal open space provided with each room, we offer a dual-level pool with four foot waterfall and hammocks suspended above the second level. A firepit with lounging area for late night talks, and bikes to accommodate all size groups, and limit your carbon footprint while you enjoy the town.

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We have a variety of packages depending on your group size and any extra tours and adventures you might need. ALL of our packages offer airport pick-up, meals and transportation to and from scheduled activities for your convenience. Take a look at our form, and check any and all boxes that might apply. Remember we will workout all the details as we go, dream big, and we’ll trim here and there until we customize the perfect package for you and your group. Lastly, whether this is your first retreat or you’re a pro, we are here to help.

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